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at WSU frat party

Here's our song Jonny's In Love.  Go to our music page for more.

We are 3rd Degree Burn.  Welcome to our official site.  We like sunsets, long walks on the beach, cozying up to a warm fire with a good book, and cuddling.  We are a package deal, so if you don't take to one of us, you can't have any of us (sorry ladies).  Our hobbies include music (we are in a band), movies, concerts, photography, writing, and logistics. 

Here, you will find info about us as individuals and as a whole.  If we happen to strike your fancy, feel free to contact us, maybe we can go out for coffee sometime.  Hope to talk to you all very soon!

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What's New?

9/17/05 - House Party gig @ 1965 NW Arcadia Dr.  7PM.  $2 dollar suggested donations
9/28/05 - gig on Terrell Mall @ WSU. 12-1PM.  $Free$

Please get in touch with any comments or questions you might have.  Or visit us on myspace at


Thanks for your support and keep on rockin'!